Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lunchbox review

7P94_LB_sandwich_3-4_silo_Rubbermaid® Fasten + Go™ Soup Kit

I am on the go a lot and usually have to travel at least a hour in any direction to get to my destination. Having low blood sugar I always have to have some sort of a snack with me. I was pleased when I was approached to review the Rubbermade Fasten and go kits. They are perfect for my meals as I "graze" eating small amounts all day. The Rubbermaid lunch Blox kids is a perfect size for me. It holds a sandwich , 2 side cups 1.2 cups and a Blue Ice which is great for keeping my meal cool. The soup container is great for holding a bowl of soup plus crackers. I liked putting my tomato soup and crackers in the soup container and eating in the car as it was easy to handle and everything was all in one. Great for 

sales people working on the road
lunchboxes for kids
Mom's for spots events and daily errands
Gym goers, 
those on diets
Kids for daycare
Men for lunches
Women for lunches

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

furs and velvet 2016 #FASHION

Image result for images 2016 fall velvet

Get your groove on this Fall with the latest trends - velvet, fur and animal prints! 
Image result for images 2016 fall velvet

Image result for 2016 fall fashion animal prints

Get your creative juices flowing as you put outfits together. Those of you that love thrift shopping  need to search the racks early to find the pieces you will want to pull together. It's not about expense but about getting a few really nice pieces that you can then mix and match with your current wardrobe and add as the money comes your way.  The pieces I suggest as your "basic"s for these looks are 

velvet leggings

animal print coat or blazer

velvet and animal print top 2 of each 

this should get you through the season... more...

to have the "LOOK" with you always 

wallet , purse, pillows, curtains, etc.. to keep the fall style in your home and "on you" without breaking your budget! 

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Monday, June 27, 2016

C-4 belt review

Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta

     C4 belts stand for Choose your Color choose your cause. They donate 10% to the cause you choose. I choose a pink with a pink buckle. What is nice is you can 
cut them to your size, They have a  Lifetime guaranteed are waterproof as well as animal and earth friendly. You can also choose the buckle in the color you choose. I love mine it looks really nice with Jeans and a pink shirt for a nice summer day's outing. To order yours go to

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